Friday, March 2, 2012


 I'm learning to play the piano.  
My first song I will learn
to play is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!
Maybe my kitty will learn to play too!

Blossom you are beautiful without all that makeup!
What am I going to do with you! 

Sweet Pea said we have to be more grown up to
be able to go to camp!  Please Mama may we go?
I really want to, OKAY??

 Sweet Pea what do you think you are doing?

I'm shaving Mama, I'm a young man you know. 
Sissy said Blossom and I aren't old enough
to go to camp!!
My little Sweet Pea you are barely more than a baby
There is plenty of time before you need to shave!
I don't think any little bears at camp will be shaving!!                                    

Mama said I've been the best little bear this week so
she took this pretty picture of me and  she 
is going to put it in her picture book!!  

Mama said all little bears to the living room it is time for
a meeting! 

All right my little bears, who told who what. about having to
be older and wear makeup to go to camp this Summer?
I'm waiting!!

Sissy said,
"It was me mama, I did.  I'm sorry.  Do I still
get to have my picture in the picture book?"

Listen up dears!  You are all going to camp!
I need a rest!
I think you will all have fun at camp but my goodness you will have to behave at camp!
Sissy of course you will be in the picture book.
All of you will be.

Hooray!!  Thank you mama, we will be such
good bears.  Oh we can hardly wait to tell 
Mama, why do you need a rest?

Bye for now
Come and visit us next Friday.


  1. How exciting Sissy, I can't wait to meet you at summer camp. Now I hear Sweetpea and Blossom are going as well. What a hoot I am so excited. Do we pack bathers and sunscreen, I have never been to Prudence's country. In Australia we always have to wear sunscreen. Granny says she doesn't want me crying because I'm sun burnt. Do you know how many sleeps before we go? Can't wait, see you there.

  2. Well have a wonderful time at Camp boys and girls, I'm sure you will all have lots of fun (and mama will get peace and quiet!)



  3. Im so glad to hear you all are going to camp.I knew you were good little bears.Sissy Bear you really look gorgeous.Sweet pea please dont try and shave I think your much to young for that LOL.That really got me worried ha.

    Hugs to all and do have a happy time.

  4. Yippee. I'm so beary excited that your Momma said you can go to camp. Mom said we will be getting a letter from Camp Good Bear in 2 weeks. We're on our way......

    Heaps of Hugs

  5. WHOOPIE!!!! You're all going to go to camp too!!! We'll all be there together. We can't wait to go so we can be with all our friends and do camp stuff. Mom says she's considering sending more of us so she can have some peace and quiet too. See you all there.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  6. You'll miss them when they are away at camp. You know you will. ;)

    Ali x

  7. Woohooooo!!!! Oh boy, we're gonna have sooo much fun at camp, we're THRILLED that all three of you will be going too:-) Sissy, maybe they'll have a piano at camp and you can play for us! Oh Blossom, you silly bear, you look beautiful even without makeup:-) And Sweet Pea, we're sure glad you didn't cut yourself with that razor!!! We're now going to go look at Mama Pea's calendar to count how many days before we go to camp:-) Lots of beary hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxo

  8. Yea, you will have a wonderful time at camp ! I think you are all so sweet & cute , Kitty too! You are a handful ,but I know mama loves you very much .
    Love & Blessings

  9. Dear friends,
    how happy everyone will have great fun at camp...but remember they are well behaved...sometimes moms need a little rest.Happy sunday and blessings.