Friday, December 28, 2012

Funny Friday

Looking back over 2012 we sure have lots of memories.
Some Naughty

Some sweet

It's been a wonderful year with lots of
We look forward to the coming New Year.
Happy New Year!
We hope 2013 brings you happiness,dreams fulfilled,
 good health and many more blessings.

Friday, December 21, 2012


We thought we would show you some of our new Christmas decorations which are also some of our very favorites.

The adorable well dressed mouse ladies
are from Carol over at

The precious little mouse in the mitten and the adorable mouse sticking his cute
little head out from his stocking  are from Joyce over at 

Now I remember screaming in terror if a little 
field mouse appeared in my house.  After enjoying
all the adorable mouse creations made by such
talented ladies.  I think my view on a little field mouse has changed a bit.
If I were to see one now scampering about, I would probably want to
at least put a ribbon with a little jingle bell around it's neck and maybe offer a little
feast of cheese and a cozy little bed.

Two new Christmas ornaments 

Aren't these just the cutest?
They are gifts that make me smile every time
I look at them.
They were from Joyce at

Some more of our Christmas pretties

Miss Christmas
In closing
our Mama,
Blossom and Betsy,


Sweet Pea,
Sissy Bear
want to wish all ofyou 

Friday, December 14, 2012


Warning to all our bear friends!
It's time to be good bears! It won't be long
before Santa arrives.

I think Santa will be leaving us candy in our stockings.
I've been a very good bear so I am leaving this box out for Santa to put my candy in. It's much bigger than my stocking.
I do think Santa will be pleased that I have been so good and leave me
some extra pieces of chocolate.

We all helped mama decorate
our tree.

Hi every bear!
It's me Sweet Pea!  Now I know everyone thinks
I am always the good bear.  But sometimes a
bear has to put his paw down!
I am hiding from mama.  She wants all of us to
help with wrapping the four little humans presents!
I want to go outside and play ball! I want to catch frogs.  I want to climb a tree.

Uh oh, I think I better do what mama said to do. Mama said good bears get to have hot chocolate and cookies!

Hi bears 
It's Blossom here!!

Jackie over at Once Upon AFairyland
Sent mama this little bear.
She loves me the most because we were sewed and stuffed
with much love by the same bear maker! 
I think I'm going to ask mama if I can name her Betsy.

Next week we will show you some more
of our decorations.