Friday, March 30, 2012


Sweet Pea:   Sissy, how many more days do we have
to tock off till we go to camp?

Sissy:  I don't know Sweet Pea.   I think there might
be lots more.

Blossom:  Do you think my peachy pink fur will sunburn at camp?

Sissy:  hahaha, you would worry about those things.  you
are such a prissy bear.  I would giggle think that you
might turn bright orange and then your fur would peel off.

Blossom:  You two better stop whispering.
You aren't being nice to me.
sniffle weep sniff sniff

  Sweet Pea:   We do love you Blossom but
you can be so annoying with all your
fancy ways.  You are a bear you know!
       All three:  Hahahah giggle hehehe ! Camp is gonna be
     the best fun we ever had!!

Blossom:  I won't tell our secrets.  I promise!!  That's
because I am a bear!!  

                   Mama:  I hear whispers and giggles.  what's going on
                in those little bear heads of yours?

Nothing mama, we were just talking about
hehehe giggle 
We are good little bears

Bye till next Friday

Friday, March 23, 2012


Sissy what are you looking at?

Mama do you think Blossom would fit in that
bird bath?

Why are you asking such a question Sissy?

Blossom said if I don't let her wear my skirt she won't forgive me
for putting her in the dryer last Friday. Maybe Blossom should just
go live with the birds!

Would it hurt to let Blossom wear the skirt for a day or two?

No mama.

Look mama  Sweet Peas is reading us the letter from
Camp Good Bear.  It's gonna be so much fun.
Is camp going to be soon?

It will be time to go before you know it!

Do you think it's going to be cold at camp?  Let's pack lots of blankets
This is so  much fun.  what shall we wear at camp? I need a bearing suit.

What are you bears doing? Asked mama.

We're packing mama.  It's almost time to go
to camp.

Oh dear   It's quite a few
sleeptimes before you wake up to find camp time is here.  I don't think you will need
that many blankets.  Put them away for now and we will have to sit down together
and make a list when it gets a little closer to the time.
Okay mama, everything is put back!

Can we have a snack now?  That
was hard work.

Peanut Butter Honey Cookies!! our favorite.

Mama said Sissy you were very good 
to let Blossom wear your skirt.  Doesn't it make
you feel good to be kind to Blossom?

Uh, Mama I was still sort of thinking

We ended our afternoon with the three
of us playing a new game that mama bought 
for us.


Friday, March 16, 2012


We have one new follower to
welcome this week.
Thank you for following us
we hope  when you come to
visit you will leave with a smile.
Whatever am I going to do with mama.  She promised after the last
time she crunched my body into a dress, that she would never do it
again.  Well she broke her promise!!  I'm supposed to like this
skirt because it has a pocket for my treasures.

I do like treasures so let's see what she will put in
my pocket

The hankie was my mama's when she was just a little girl.
It is very very very old!!

Mama said, Sissy you don't have to remind me of how old I am.
Show everyone all your little treasures dear.

I have a penny, a little bunny, and it's little pillow and a
pretty button!

I love my pocket!!!

Mama said:  Where is Blossom?  
Sweet Pea said:  Blossom's in the kitchen fixing us a surprise.

Well let's go and see what Blossom has done this time!

Sweet Pea said:  Blossom I can't believe you got your paws 
dirty.  You must be changing.
Sissy Bear said:  Hush up Sweet Pea let's just dig in!  We
don't know if Blossom will ever feel this domestic again!

Mama said:  Mind your manners.  Blossom deserves a
thank you!

Sissy Bear said:  Blossom your pink fur you love so much is wet!
Here let me help you blow dry it.

Screeching and screaming could be heard all over the

You are gonna be so sorry Sissy!  You let me out
Right now!!
You better quit laughing.

Sissy Bear said:  I only set it for 42 minutes. Hehehe!

Uh oh, mama I was just helping Blossom
dry her fur!

Mama said:  Sissy you are on a time out!
Shame on you.

Yes mama, I'm sorry!  Do you think Blossoms head will fall off?
She'd look pretty funny. Giggle  Okay mama, I'll be quiet now.



Friday, March 9, 2012


We are welcoming two new followers
this week

We are always happy to have new followers and
hope you will visit us often.

We woke up to Blossom throwing a temper tantrum! Do you know why??
Last night just before mama tucked me in bed she told

me I had been such a good girl that I could help water the
violets and the orchids today!  Blossom always thinks
she should get to do EVERYTHING and me do NOTHING!!

Finally Blossom was happy because she got to read a book.
 Sweet Pea got interested in the story
even though it wasn't about a Little Daddy.
I was happy helping mama.
I thought of a very nice surprise for mama's lunch
I heard her say that a good tossed salad would be
nice for her lunch.  Soooo.....
Okay, lets all toss and toss it good! Hurry I hear mama coming.
Sweet Pea, Blossom, Sissy Bear what are you up to!
 Mama wasn't even mad about the mess we made!
She just smiled and gave us all hugs and  said we were the best
little bears in the whole wide world!'

See you next Friday

Friday, March 2, 2012


 I'm learning to play the piano.  
My first song I will learn
to play is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!
Maybe my kitty will learn to play too!

Blossom you are beautiful without all that makeup!
What am I going to do with you! 

Sweet Pea said we have to be more grown up to
be able to go to camp!  Please Mama may we go?
I really want to, OKAY??

 Sweet Pea what do you think you are doing?

I'm shaving Mama, I'm a young man you know. 
Sissy said Blossom and I aren't old enough
to go to camp!!
My little Sweet Pea you are barely more than a baby
There is plenty of time before you need to shave!
I don't think any little bears at camp will be shaving!!                                    

Mama said I've been the best little bear this week so
she took this pretty picture of me and  she 
is going to put it in her picture book!!  

Mama said all little bears to the living room it is time for
a meeting! 

All right my little bears, who told who what. about having to
be older and wear makeup to go to camp this Summer?
I'm waiting!!

Sissy said,
"It was me mama, I did.  I'm sorry.  Do I still
get to have my picture in the picture book?"

Listen up dears!  You are all going to camp!
I need a rest!
I think you will all have fun at camp but my goodness you will have to behave at camp!
Sissy of course you will be in the picture book.
All of you will be.

Hooray!!  Thank you mama, we will be such
good bears.  Oh we can hardly wait to tell 
Mama, why do you need a rest?

Bye for now
Come and visit us next Friday.