Friday, August 31, 2012


Three very tired little bears arrived home on Sunday.  There were a few tears and lots of smiles. It has been a week of stories all about their many adventures at camp.
Wilbur, I sure wish you were here to play trucks with me.
Sweet Pea is very proud because he is going to
be Junior Bearscelor next year at camp. He will help Wilbur, Senior Bearscelor  with all things regarding fishing. 
Sweet Pea tells me that Wilbur is his big brother even if it is just pretend.

Blossom said
At camp there were lots of pretty girl bears.  I learned I'm not the only pretty bear in the world, but I am the prettiest bear in the world.
 I really had so much fun.  I miss Clarissa beary much.
It's supposed to be a secret but I'm not the only one who misses Clarissa. sweet Pea has a girl friend, hehehe

Look!  He's blushing!

Sissy said...

It was the best bear camp ever!
It was so much fun to see Prudence again. We are all happy to be home but we do miss all our friends.
I'm going to start counting the days till it's
camp time again.

Before you know it, Fall will be here.
It will be time for visits to the pumpkin
patch, time to bake pumpkin pies, time for
candy corn, trick or treaters, apple cider. 
I get to be mama's helper this year with the
Holiday Baking.  That's because mama said
I am turning into a very well behaved young bear lady.

See you next Friday

Friday, August 17, 2012



Dear Sissy, Sweet Pea, and Blossom,

I am so doggone excited that you will be home next weekend. I have missed all of you a lot.

I am recovering from having a lot of my teeth pulled and had nasty shots.  I am refusing to drink water so I've been getting to have a drop or two of apple juice in my water.  Sissy I hope you will make me some Honey Pudding first thing when you come home.  I have been a very good girl while all of you have been at camp.

1.  I have not licked any of your toys or blankets, well maybe I licked  
     a blanket or two.

2.  I did not chew any of your honey treats and spit them out like I   
     always used to do.  I swallowed them!!

3.  I have not dug up any of your favorite spots on the grass, I just  
     chewed it up a little. I am very sorry, I did throw up after all that
     chewing. I did my best to clean it all up for you. 

4.  I said my doggie prayers every night for all of you to stay safe.

Your sister dog Pearlene

Friday, August 10, 2012



Dear Mama,

We hope you had fun at our Bearant's Day.  It was a little
sad when all the bearants went home, but all of us shared about the fun we had with our family that day. Then we were so happy again to be at camp.

Sweet pea thinks Clarissa is beary cute and everytime they look at each other his face turns a little pink.  giggle

Prudence said it would be nice if I helped  Blossom with her craft projects.  Her paws are very sore from needle pricks when she was stringing buttons. She dropped the whole thing, buttons went every where, so I am taking over.  Now she is trying to make cards for you to send to the tiny humans in our family.

I rather be outside swimming.  Because I am learning to be a good sister I am giving up swimming
today to help her.  Isn't that beary nice of me?

Sweet Pea thinks he is getting tan from all the sunshine. I will send you a picture next week.

Sissy Bear

Monday, August 6, 2012




Dear Mama, 
I am writing you a letter in case you can't come to bearants day,
I thought you would like to have this bee-uti-ful picture of me.  I 
picked this baby yellow rose for Clarissa to wear in her fur.

Clarissa is my beary best forever bear friend.  We have the best time
sharing our bear beauty secrets.  We both love fur ribbons, and most
of all we love to talk about how pretty we are.

One of the nicest things about camp is, we are all beary best forever bear
friends. giggle

In the morning I have a dee-lici-ous breakfast and I make my own bed!
We swim in a big beautiful blue lake,feed the birds and bunnies, and take
long walks.  There are pretty flowers everywhere.  We play games and sit
around the campfire telling lots of spooky stories.

Prudence is my favorite bearselor.  Mama she is so pretty, and beary smart too.
She is teaching me to make a button necklace.  It hurts my paws when I prick
myself with the needle.  Prudence always lets me have a pretty bandage.  We
do crafts with her a lot.

Mama I will be sad when it's time to come home.  I do miss you mama, honest I do!
There's always oodles of things here that are fun to do and we are always busy.

Sweet Pea is having great fun with all the boys.  He and Wilbur are always together.
sometimes they chase me with lizards and yucky frogs.  I scream a lot and they giggle 
and tell me that those lizards and frogs won't hurt me.  Mama, I am learning to be brave.

Here is a picture of Wilbur and Sweet Pea playing games.  I think whoever wins gets to
have a lollipop.

Isn't Wilbur handsome!!

Wilbur taught us to make bread on a stick and you cook it over a fire.  We eat it
with lots of honey.  I think it is called damper.  When I eat it, my tummy feels very
round and full.  Maybe you can learn to make it.  Okay?

Your Especially bee-uti-ful