Friday, August 10, 2012



Dear Mama,

We hope you had fun at our Bearant's Day.  It was a little
sad when all the bearants went home, but all of us shared about the fun we had with our family that day. Then we were so happy again to be at camp.

Sweet pea thinks Clarissa is beary cute and everytime they look at each other his face turns a little pink.  giggle

Prudence said it would be nice if I helped  Blossom with her craft projects.  Her paws are very sore from needle pricks when she was stringing buttons. She dropped the whole thing, buttons went every where, so I am taking over.  Now she is trying to make cards for you to send to the tiny humans in our family.

I rather be outside swimming.  Because I am learning to be a good sister I am giving up swimming
today to help her.  Isn't that beary nice of me?

Sweet Pea thinks he is getting tan from all the sunshine. I will send you a picture next week.

Sissy Bear


  1. Sissy you are the kindest girl helping out with craft. You must be so good at cutting and gluing.Don't get your paws glued together.
    Do you know what I think? I think Sweet Pea is not sun tanned at all I think it is dirt. Probably the boys have not been showering very much.
    Wilbur's Granny

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  3. Let's try this again.....

    Isn't it amazing how well behaved the bears are being away from home?

    I think they have learned how to get along with each other and respect the feelings of other bears. It's going to be difficult for them to say goodbye to each other, but they have next year to look forward to and plan.

    Prudence's Mom

  4. What a good Sissy bear you are...your mama should be very proud :)
    Blessings dear Iris

  5. Sissy, you're such a kind sister to help Blossom with her craft project. It's obvious that this camp experience is bringing out the best in everybear.
    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy's Mom

  6. Well done Sissy for helping Blossom out when she needed it. I think I'm with Kay though, it's dirt that Sweet Pea's been rolling in with the other boys ;o)

  7. I am sorry your paws are sore Blossom,so sweet of Sissy to help you . I love the cute cupcake craft!I think somebeary has a " Girl Friend".
    Luv Ya!