Friday, August 31, 2012


Three very tired little bears arrived home on Sunday.  There were a few tears and lots of smiles. It has been a week of stories all about their many adventures at camp.
Wilbur, I sure wish you were here to play trucks with me.
Sweet Pea is very proud because he is going to
be Junior Bearscelor next year at camp. He will help Wilbur, Senior Bearscelor  with all things regarding fishing. 
Sweet Pea tells me that Wilbur is his big brother even if it is just pretend.

Blossom said
At camp there were lots of pretty girl bears.  I learned I'm not the only pretty bear in the world, but I am the prettiest bear in the world.
 I really had so much fun.  I miss Clarissa beary much.
It's supposed to be a secret but I'm not the only one who misses Clarissa. sweet Pea has a girl friend, hehehe

Look!  He's blushing!

Sissy said...

It was the best bear camp ever!
It was so much fun to see Prudence again. We are all happy to be home but we do miss all our friends.
I'm going to start counting the days till it's
camp time again.

Before you know it, Fall will be here.
It will be time for visits to the pumpkin
patch, time to bake pumpkin pies, time for
candy corn, trick or treaters, apple cider. 
I get to be mama's helper this year with the
Holiday Baking.  That's because mama said
I am turning into a very well behaved young bear lady.

See you next Friday


  1. Giggle, yes there was lots of blushing around the campfire, bear flirting, giggles, and the boys were showing off when they thought we were looking at them.

    I miss you and I, too, am counting the days until next summer. Sweet Pea you will be a wonderful Jr. Bearscelor, and you know so much about fishing already.

    Heaps of Hugs ♥

    I know about Sweet Pea & Clarissa. Giggle.

  2. Hi Sweet Pea, I wish I was at your house playing with that great truck.I'm sure we could make it go fast.
    Just think next year we are going to make a great team of Bearcelores.
    So what is this I hear about a girlfriend????
    You never know what happens at camp....

  3. Hi Everybear,
    We are getting back into our regular routine now that we're home. We have been telling the others about all of the fun we had at camp and our mom said that anyone who wants to go to camp next year can but we have to save part of our allowences to help pay.
    We miss you all and are counting the days until we see you again.
    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy

  4. Oh my, all those holiday romances, there's going to be some excited little bears waiting for next year!


  5. Welcome home to all your little bear babies...they do look happy to be back...blessings to you dear Iris.

  6. Hello Everybear,
    I am so glad you had such a wonderful time at camp! You must be glad to be home! I love Fall,too!