Monday, August 6, 2012




Dear Mama, 
I am writing you a letter in case you can't come to bearants day,
I thought you would like to have this bee-uti-ful picture of me.  I 
picked this baby yellow rose for Clarissa to wear in her fur.

Clarissa is my beary best forever bear friend.  We have the best time
sharing our bear beauty secrets.  We both love fur ribbons, and most
of all we love to talk about how pretty we are.

One of the nicest things about camp is, we are all beary best forever bear
friends. giggle

In the morning I have a dee-lici-ous breakfast and I make my own bed!
We swim in a big beautiful blue lake,feed the birds and bunnies, and take
long walks.  There are pretty flowers everywhere.  We play games and sit
around the campfire telling lots of spooky stories.

Prudence is my favorite bearselor.  Mama she is so pretty, and beary smart too.
She is teaching me to make a button necklace.  It hurts my paws when I prick
myself with the needle.  Prudence always lets me have a pretty bandage.  We
do crafts with her a lot.

Mama I will be sad when it's time to come home.  I do miss you mama, honest I do!
There's always oodles of things here that are fun to do and we are always busy.

Sweet Pea is having great fun with all the boys.  He and Wilbur are always together.
sometimes they chase me with lizards and yucky frogs.  I scream a lot and they giggle 
and tell me that those lizards and frogs won't hurt me.  Mama, I am learning to be brave.

Here is a picture of Wilbur and Sweet Pea playing games.  I think whoever wins gets to
have a lollipop.

Isn't Wilbur handsome!!

Wilbur taught us to make bread on a stick and you cook it over a fire.  We eat it
with lots of honey.  I think it is called damper.  When I eat it, my tummy feels very
round and full.  Maybe you can learn to make it.  Okay?

Your Especially bee-uti-ful 


  1. Hi,

    It was so wonderful to finally meet you in person at Bearents Day. Those kids are having such a wonderful time, I suspect there will be lots of goodbye tears this year when it's time for the bears to leave for home.

    Prudence has whispered that she would love to go to Southern California to visit Sweet Pea, Blossom and Sissy.

    I had a feeling that Blossom would have a grand time at camp. She and Clarissa have become best bear-buds....friendships that will last a lifetime.

    Again, it was wonderful meeting you. Let's keep in touch.

    Hugs ♥
    Prudence's Mom

  2. Well it looks like Blossom's improving after all, we're glad she's making friends! Hugs The Clan and Jack on FUNNY FRIDAY

  3. Looks like you're having a great time at camp good bear. Mama Bear on FUNNY FRIDAY
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    on 8/3/12

  4. Oh my, I just heard from Clairssa's Mom over at and Clarissa wrote that she is sweet on Mr. Sweet Pea. She knows he likes her because he chased her with a frog (?). Hugs ♥ Prudence's Mom on FUNNY FRIDAY

  5. It looks like our little ones have been having a grand time at camp. I can't wait to see what the place is like and meet all of the other bearents. See you tomorrow. Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy's mom on FUNNY FRIDAY


  6. Dear Blossom, she is so sweet, I hope you can go to bearents day. I wonder what all those bears will do.. I really want to see their button necklaces. HUgs Wilbur's Granny on FUNNY FRIDAY


  7. Good morning, Well, we have just packed up the car and almost ready to leave for Bearents Day. LuLu & Flora are sound asleep so we just put them in their car bed and they will be so excited when they wake up. At least we are starting out in peace and quiet. I can't wait to meet your kids tomorrow. It's like we are now one big happy bear family. Hugs ♥ Prudence's Mom on FUNNY FRIDAY

  8. Looks like Blossom is having a beary beary good time & has made a beary good friend !Looks like Sweet Pea is enjoying himself also!I think Blossom may have a crush on a certain young bear.
    Luv you all!

  9. Well I can't believe I left a message on here before and now it is not here either. Well I want to tell those girls to keep enjoying their craft because when they grow up they might be able to make brother or sister bears just like their Mum.

  10. I can't believe how much Clarissa has changed since becoming friends with your Blossom. She has never had a best friend before and I hope she and Blossom can remain friends when camp is over and they're back home. I guess we'll find out in three more weeks.
    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy's Mom