Friday, July 27, 2012


Letters from camp

Dear mama,

I miss you.  I had pancakes with honey for bearkfast. Beary beary good!! Last night we sat around the camp fire and told scary stories.  It was beary creepy. Blossom cried cause she thought bear eating monsters were going to get her.
Blossom takes her fly swatter to bed with her every night.  Mama, she tied a big pink bow around the handle! So embearassing!! We got to feed the bunnies some carrots.  That was so much fun.

I am being a very good bear. Well most of the time I am.


  1. Well, it certainly sounds like your 3 are having a fun time at camp. At least you are getting letters - Prudence hasn't written once, but we called and they are just so busy and by the time the campfire is over they are ready for bed.

    Hugs, see you at Bearents Day next week.

    Prudence's Mom

  2. Sounds like a beary fun time for everybeary!

    The Clan and Jack

  3. You are so lucky to get a letter, I watch for the postie every day. I guess Wilbur has too amny other things to do. The stories around the camp fire sounds like fun if you are not scared.
    Wilbur's Granny

  4. Aw, it won't be long and your Mommie will be coming to vist for bearents day. I am glad you are being a good girl.

    Harold and Daniel's Mom

  5. Seems like all of the bears are busy having a great time. I finally got a letter from the girls. They're having one adventure after another and I've been told that Blossom and Clarissa have become beary best friends. I thought they would. See you next weekend for Bearents Day.

    Bellamine, Wendy & Clarissa's Mom

  6. That is a beary sweet letter from a beary sweet bear ! Sounds like they are having tons of fun !

  7. I'm so glad Blossom and Sissy are having a good time at camp. Happy trails girls.

    Ali x