Friday, July 13, 2012


We are packed and ready to leave for 
 Bear Camp!
Blossom brought extra fur ribbons to share with
Clarissa.  Prudence said she is a prima-bear too.
Sweet Pea said finally he is going to get to play
with some boys for a change.
Sissy said she can hardly wait to see Prudence.

Blossom secretly packed  a fly swatter as she is sure she 
is going to have to fight off giant bugs!
Blossom:  Good!  Did they
say Good Bear Camp?
I haven't been the goodest
Sweet Pea: Calm down Blossom
You are a good bear, no bear is perfect!
Sissy:  I'm close to perfect! giggle 
To be continued tomorrow 

Some exciting news!!Wednesday night a
new Great Grandbaby arrived a week early.
He was due to arrive by c-section on the 18th.  Being
like his 3 brothers he has a mind of his own and had his
own time schedule for the c-section.

baby Charlie
weighing in at 8 lbs. 2 0z.
20.5 inches long


  1. Hi Guys,

    We are stopped at a rest stop, the babies have to potty. Dad is letting me use his laptop.

    We will stop for the day at 3 and then tomorrow it's just 2 hours to camp.

    Wilbur is already on his way - he's in Australia and a day ahead of us.

    Bellamine, Wendy & Clarrisa are leaving early in the morning, SANTA is taking them, how cool is that? Okay, see ya tomorrow. Yippee.

    Your new baby is precious, but just think how nice and quiet it will be at camp - just all us bears laughin' and havin' fun. (o:


    Don't forget your camera. I saw the flyer swatter and we laughed and laughed.

  2. Hey Guys,
    We're all ready to go. Our bags are packed and we're saying our goodbyes to everyone, bears, humans, elves and reindeer. Mom made us new clothes for our trip. Tonight is our going away party and then we have to go to bed early cause really early in the morning while it's still dark we'll be leaving to go to camp. This time tomorrow we'll be giving you real big bear hugs. We can hardly wait.
    Bellamine, Clarrisa & Wendy

  3. Enjoy your time at bear camp sweet ones...and a BIG CONGRATS to Mommy Iris on the birth of the precious great grand little Charlie.....blessings

  4. Have fun at camp gang!

    Welcome to the world Charlie :o)

  5. Oh come on Sissy, give me a break - YOU perfect? Not even close.

    Okay, no nerves, getting air sick, gitters - this is summer camp, it's going to be tons of fun. And the time will fly by so quickly you won't want to go home. You will start counting the days till next year.

  6. Hi every one. Woopee, I am just going out the door to have a ride on a big plane. The day has finally come. Granny is saying, Wilbur go to the loo before you go. Wilbur have you got a hankie. I will be able to do just what I want at camp...
    See you all soon.
    Hugs Wilbur.

  7. I hope ya'all have the fun-est time ever at Camp Good Bear! Congrats to Mama on the arrival of that beautiful new grandson! He is a sweetie!