Friday, June 29, 2012


There is nothing but Bear chatter and Beary long discussions
this week about...
Bear Camp
Today we find Sissy and Sweet Pea
getting ready to build a cabin with
lots of excitement because the real
thing is coming up soon.

You might be asking yourself
where could Blossom be?

Mama found Blossom on the computer.
She was convinced that this was the
camp she was going to.
Blossom was choosing which cabin she wanted.
Mama caught her just in time to stop her from calling
this place with her credit card.

We think Blossom might be in
trouble again.
Uh Oh !!!

I'm sorry mama,
I just wanted to make sure
that I had a nice cabin with
carpeting and soft fluffy beds!
I promise mama, I won't be
 naughty again.  Okay mama?

Friday, June 22, 2012


Hi Bear friends!
It's been a quiet week at 
Honeypot Lane.

I told my mama that when I'm a grown up bear,  I want to be a teacher!
My Mama said I'm so good at keeping Blossom and Sissy peaceful, that I would surely be a very good  teacher.

I've been helping mama with the
girls this week as she has been babysitting
the noisy little people and spending lots of
time at the dentist.
If Sissy and Blossom behave while I read them a story
they get to have a honey snack that's inside my little lunch pail.
While sissy plays dolls, Blossom and I are going to play a game
of Fish!

Camp time is right around the corner.  
We are so excited to see our friends!!
Don't forget to pack your toothbrushes!

See you soon!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Hi every bear!  Today I am helping
Blossom and Sissy to be beary good friends
with our dog sisters, Ruby and Pearlene.
Please don't be afraid!  We will give you a cookie
if you come to us.

Uh, I don't think so!
Give me back my cookies or I will take
your peanut butter.

Okay!  This is as close as I get.
I want my cookies.

I'm not afraid!  Come here Sissy.
You better be a nice bear though.
I have a real good set of chompers
that I will use on you if you aren't.

See Pearlene, I'm a very nice bear.  I give great

Come on Ruby, Blossom won't hurt you.
She 's just as shy as you!

Nope Nope NOPE!!
I'll just wait for my Mama to bring me my cookie.

Maybe we can play together sometimes, okay

Mama said each friend we have
is a blessing.

Friday, June 8, 2012


A special day for Sweet Pea

If you are friends and have
been following, you know
we have been two very naughty

Sweet Pea is such a good brother
to us, we want to make today a 
special day just for him.
We got into the toy box
that our mama keeps for the
wild monsters, uh we mean
the grand kids.

Sweet Pea had so much fun
with the little cars, trucks
and airplanes.

We weren't done yet!  We
decided we would bake
a cake for Sweet Pea.
His favorite!!
Vanilla Butter Cake!!

Look my sisters baked a cake
just for me!!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Hi there Bear friends, Sweet Pea here again.
You might be wondering what
Blossom is doing.
 Every morning Blossom is exercising.
She said she has to build muscles
and be strong so she can save her
friends from wild beasts at bear camp.
Sissy and I giggled at this.  Mama said
not to because for once Blossom is thinking
of others instead of just herself.
Blossom thinks a frog or a grasshopper  is a 
wild beast.
Sweet little Blossom, even though
she's a little silly, I do love her so.
she's my SILLY sister.

Sissy's been busy helping out in the garden.
The birds were nice enough to plant us
some sunflower seeds.

I'm surprising Sissy and Blossom with
peanut butter on crackers.
I know Sissy is tired from pulling weeds, and
Blossom is tired from all her exercising.
All is well at Honeypot Lane
See you next Friday