Friday, June 1, 2012


Hi there Bear friends, Sweet Pea here again.
You might be wondering what
Blossom is doing.
 Every morning Blossom is exercising.
She said she has to build muscles
and be strong so she can save her
friends from wild beasts at bear camp.
Sissy and I giggled at this.  Mama said
not to because for once Blossom is thinking
of others instead of just herself.
Blossom thinks a frog or a grasshopper  is a 
wild beast.
Sweet little Blossom, even though
she's a little silly, I do love her so.
she's my SILLY sister.

Sissy's been busy helping out in the garden.
The birds were nice enough to plant us
some sunflower seeds.

I'm surprising Sissy and Blossom with
peanut butter on crackers.
I know Sissy is tired from pulling weeds, and
Blossom is tired from all her exercising.
All is well at Honeypot Lane
See you next Friday


  1. Hi Friends,

    Oh, Blossom is gonna scream if a froggie jumps on her at camp, but don't tell her. Wild beasts? Giggle.

    Sissy is working hard in the garden and you are such a wonderful big brother to take care of your sisters.

    It will be good for you to get to camp, cause all you do is play, swim, EAT, and have fun. You don't have to worry about the girls.

    You need play time with Wilbur, Daniel & Harold - climbing trees, catching frogs, collecting up sticks for the campfire - real boy stuff.

    Hugs ♥

  2. Hiya Sweetpea, Blossom and Sissy! Gulp...wild beasts at camp?? Ummmm....I think we need to start exercisin' too!!

    We bet the flowers that Sissy is planting are gonna be bee-u-ti-ful! Mama Pea says we can plant some too but not yet, have to wait another week or so yet.

    Yummmm, peanut butter with crackers...we'll be right over! hehe Big bear hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxo

  3. Hi Sweet Pea,
    We are impressed with Blossom's wanting to get fit and strong. We're going to start exercising too so we can outrun any wild animals at camp. We don't work in the garden cause it's got bugs and worms and we're girly girls and don't like to get dirty and we really don't like bugs and worms. YUCKY!!! Tell Sissy and Blossom Hi for us and we will see you all really soon.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  4. Exercise and peanut butter, two things that are very good for you! I hope you guys have had a wonderful weekend.

    Ali x

  5. Hi Sweet Pea, Both of your sisters are being good this week!That is a wonderful surprise for them !Your mama's flowers are gorgeous! Love ya all!

  6. Those will be two tired little girls, so good of you to make them a snack for after!


    The Clan and Jack