Thursday, February 23, 2012


Mama said,
Blossom , where is Sissy?  Why isn't she at the
breakfast table?

Uhh, well it's freezering where she's at.  

Oh boy, I'm covering my ears before mama starts

Sissy what are you doing in the freezer? 
Did you eat the whole container of ice cream?
Come out of there immediately!
I don't want breakfast!  My tummy hurts!
hiccup, burp!!!
Is the screeching over with yet?
I'll just sit here while they eat!
Okay? Mama?
Yippee!! Does this mean I don't
have to share the peanut butter?
Mama said,
Sit down Blossom and mind your manners!
Please girls, be good little bears for the
rest of the day.

And good little bears we were, playing
with our friends for the rest of the day!

See you next Friday.

Friday, February 17, 2012


This week we were such beary good bears!

Our mama has been sick with a bug
this week.  Blossom and I decided to
show her how much we love her by
helping with chores and cooking!

While Blossom looked for a beary
good recipe, I dusted and cleaned
our floors!  It was fun!

Whee!  this moves fast!!

Sissy, did you ever cook before?
Nope!  Not me.  
I wonder if we should add honey.

When mama saw what we had done
she was so happy.  she gave us many hugs.
She said she was surprised that we didn't
have angel wings.

When we were done helping we
got to sit on mama's bed and read books
and play.  I even got to take a ride on the
rocking horse.

It's time to say good bye for now.
We hope you will visit us again 
next Friday.

Friday, February 10, 2012


We are so beary happy to welcome
Thank you for following us.

Breakfast time
Girls Where's Sweet Pea?
Come look mama he's being a dog again!!
He keeps barking and growling  He
scares the stuffing out of us!
Yes Mama, I 'm here!
I am a dog!  Look at my ears!
Uh Oh, Mama's screeching again!

"Sweet Pea what have you done??"
Mama, I learned to make my ears
lay down just like the dogs do
Don't I look like a puppy?

Uh, Excuse us?  This is our bed and what are you doing
with our sweater on?  

Go eat your breakfast like a good bear!
Mama I'm not going to eat Honey Puffs, or
any other bear food.  These are little
Peanut Butter doggy biscuits.
That's my bed!!
 Woof Woof GRRR!
Move over.  I want this to be my bed!!
woof woof!

It's much easier to be a bear don't you think sissy?
Let's play dolls.

We hope you will visit with us again
next Friday.  You never know what
our next adventure might be.

Friday, February 3, 2012



We have been three good little bears
so we got to spend some time
in Mama's sewing room.
It looks like there's lots to do in here!
Look Sissy, big scissors!
Let's give each other haircuts!
Look Prudence emailed us.
She'd know what we could do
 if she were here.
Hehehe, you look funny Sissy.
Blossom get over here and help me!!
Okay, I'm coming!
Ouch!  You're hurting me!
Sissy you've been eating way too
much honey!  Get off of me!!
Ribbons!  We love ribbons!
Sissy, I put a really pretty bow
in your fur.  You put one in my
hair now.
Look mama, we put our own ribbons in.
Where's Sweet Pea girls?
Mama, he's pretending he's a dog.
In my whole bear life it's been my beariest  dream
 to be a puppy!  Look at the toys
they have!!
Woof Grrr, Woof!

Then our mama said,
" Oh my precious little bears
you've been so well behaved
even if my sewing room is a little
upside down.  Let's all go have
some crackers and honey."

I'm coming mama, I'm putting the dog
toys away for Sweet Pea.

Bye for now, come again next Friday
to see if we are good or naughty little
bears.  Mama loves us naughty or good!