Thursday, February 23, 2012


Mama said,
Blossom , where is Sissy?  Why isn't she at the
breakfast table?

Uhh, well it's freezering where she's at.  

Oh boy, I'm covering my ears before mama starts

Sissy what are you doing in the freezer? 
Did you eat the whole container of ice cream?
Come out of there immediately!
I don't want breakfast!  My tummy hurts!
hiccup, burp!!!
Is the screeching over with yet?
I'll just sit here while they eat!
Okay? Mama?
Yippee!! Does this mean I don't
have to share the peanut butter?
Mama said,
Sit down Blossom and mind your manners!
Please girls, be good little bears for the
rest of the day.

And good little bears we were, playing
with our friends for the rest of the day!

See you next Friday.


  1. Hello my friends,
    Sissy careful not to have a tummy ache...laughs.
    Blossom You have done well by their exemplary behavior!!wish you a happy weekend with many smiles like these that you guys provide us.
    big big hugs.

  2. Sissy I can't believe you ate all the icecream. In the FREEZER. you must have been cold inside as well as outside.
    Blossom you lucky duck eating twice as much peanut butter, if I were there I would eat heaps as well. Sweet Pea, I must say you were a very good bear not even listening to all the coffuffle......I have wanted to unzip my fur today it has been sooooo hot.

  3. Oh Sissy, behave yourself. Good grief - you went in the FREEZER? Ice cream isn't as good as peanut butter.

    It's okay, Sweet Pea, those girls are just a handful at times. Don't worry, cause you are the "perfect" little guy.


  4. Oh Sissy you will need your mom to make you a new furry coat if you keep visiting the freezer LOL.Its much to cold in there,be good and I will be back next friday.Hugs to all of you!

  5. Sissy, you could have been frozen solid. How did you get up there anyway? Our freezer is so high we haven't even seen what's in it. Our mom keeps the peanut butter and honey in the bottom part of the pantry, right next to the crackers. Every now and then she finds one of us sitting on a shelf helping ourselves. Hey Blossom and Sweet Pea, it looks like you got to have Sissy's share of the honey and peantu butter. M let us post today, come on over and see.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  6. Sissy, you're very lucky you didn't become a popsicle while in the freezer! We've never had ice cream, I wonder if Mama Pea has some in her freezer. Hmmmmm...

    Blossom and Sweet Pea, you two are sooo lucky to have been able to eat Sissy's share of breakfast. Peanut butter and honey is the best ain't it!!

    We had so much fun visiting you again...see you all next week:-) Lots and lots of beary hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxo

  7. Oooh, ice cream for breakfast?! We're coming right over...


    The Clan and Jack

  8. That pictorial was a hoot! I'm glad my bears don't get up to so much mischief. That I know of!


  9. I love ice cream too Sissy ! But, I have never tried it for breakfast ! lol I think you found out it's not a very good idea. Love you & all your bear friends! ♥