Friday, February 3, 2012



We have been three good little bears
so we got to spend some time
in Mama's sewing room.
It looks like there's lots to do in here!
Look Sissy, big scissors!
Let's give each other haircuts!
Look Prudence emailed us.
She'd know what we could do
 if she were here.
Hehehe, you look funny Sissy.
Blossom get over here and help me!!
Okay, I'm coming!
Ouch!  You're hurting me!
Sissy you've been eating way too
much honey!  Get off of me!!
Ribbons!  We love ribbons!
Sissy, I put a really pretty bow
in your fur.  You put one in my
hair now.
Look mama, we put our own ribbons in.
Where's Sweet Pea girls?
Mama, he's pretending he's a dog.
In my whole bear life it's been my beariest  dream
 to be a puppy!  Look at the toys
they have!!
Woof Grrr, Woof!

Then our mama said,
" Oh my precious little bears
you've been so well behaved
even if my sewing room is a little
upside down.  Let's all go have
some crackers and honey."

I'm coming mama, I'm putting the dog
toys away for Sweet Pea.

Bye for now, come again next Friday
to see if we are good or naughty little
bears.  Mama loves us naughty or good!


  1. Hi Blossom, Sweet Pea, and Sissy, You sure had fun in Mum's studio. I wish Granny had a nice big chair in her little work room. If it was put in there nothing else would fit. It is so, so squishy.That's why we always have overflow on the dinning room table.

  2. Hi Blossom, SIssy & Sweet Pea,

    WOW, what a nice sewing room you have to play in. But be careful when you climb up on your Mom's shelves, the floor is very hard when you tumble down.

    Hi Sweet Pea - woof woof (giggle).


  3. Oh you are such cute little bears.But you have to watch the sissors,besides you look beautiful as you are no haircuts,lol.Lovely sewing room,Im doing my sewing room over and I will see what I come up with.Squeezes to all of you,lol.

  4. Well really girls, as everyone knows, you don't get naughty bears, you just get 'high spirited', 'creative' and 'adventurous' bears... ;o)


    The Clan and Jack

  5. Hi Blossom, Sissy and Sweet Pea,

    Looks like you all have found fun ways to entertain yourselves. That's what our mom calls it, entertaining ourselves. She tells us to go entertain ourselves when she's too busy to play with us. If you come visit Mom's blog you can see how we spend our time. Today we're going to finish a jig saw puzzle we've been putting together and then we're going to make ornaments to decorate our little tree. Have fun.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  6. Whew, we thought for sure you two would have cut each others fur off with them big scissors! Mama Pea won't even let us near scissors after last time...well, that's a whole 'nother story!! hehe Tiff and I wish we could have joined you in your Mama's studio, so many fun things to play with. Oh and Sweet Pea, you sill bear, you, why would you want to be a dog? They're not cool at all like us bears ya know. Hmmm, but they sure do have lots of neat toys, don't they! Well, we gots to go, we sure had fun visiting all of you today:-) Big bear hugs from Misty and Tiffany. xoxo

  7. Hello my friends,
    that much fun, but beware these enormous scissors ... you guys are already pretty beautiful.
    Have a blessed weekend.Big hugs.

  8. Oh golly wolly gez wiz and willykers, I'm falling in love with this blog...
    Love it Iris! Your charm hits our heart like an arrow!
    Jacqueline and Pollyanna the Gnome Girl

  9. Hi Blossom, SIssy & Sweet Pea,
    Looks like you are having a lot of fun ! But please be careful and don't play with scissors , ask Mama to help you when you want to use them .lol. Mama has a wonderful sewing room . Enjoy your crackers & Honey. :)