Friday, February 10, 2012


We are so beary happy to welcome
Thank you for following us.

Breakfast time
Girls Where's Sweet Pea?
Come look mama he's being a dog again!!
He keeps barking and growling  He
scares the stuffing out of us!
Yes Mama, I 'm here!
I am a dog!  Look at my ears!
Uh Oh, Mama's screeching again!

"Sweet Pea what have you done??"
Mama, I learned to make my ears
lay down just like the dogs do
Don't I look like a puppy?

Uh, Excuse us?  This is our bed and what are you doing
with our sweater on?  

Go eat your breakfast like a good bear!
Mama I'm not going to eat Honey Puffs, or
any other bear food.  These are little
Peanut Butter doggy biscuits.
That's my bed!!
 Woof Woof GRRR!
Move over.  I want this to be my bed!!
woof woof!

It's much easier to be a bear don't you think sissy?
Let's play dolls.

We hope you will visit with us again
next Friday.  You never know what
our next adventure might be.


  1. Oh my those bears,just like a toddler LOL.I did enjoy the visit,see you next time here.HUGS!

  2. Sweet Pea, if you are playing dogs, your mum might permanently sew your ears down like a puppy. Then the others will eat all the honey and peanut butter.

  3. Hi Sweet Pea, Woof, woof.

    You are a real good doggy, and tell the puppies that they need to share that doggy bed. (o:

    Blossom & Sissy Bear are playing with DOLLS? No, we play with little teddy bears and woodland animals. NO DOLLS!

    Heaps of Hugs

  4. What a strange boy, wanting to roll around in the dog hair like that, and as for dog biscuits, YUCK! Give us a pot of honey any day...


    The Clan and Jack

  5. Hi Blossom, Sissy & Sweet Pea,

    We think you're a really good doggy Sweet Pea and with your ears tucked down even look like one but why would you want to be a doggy when being a bear is the best thing in the world? Don't get us wrong, we love doggies and love our doggy Vinnie but being a doggy isn't as wonderful as being a bear. We get to eat the very best tasting food and play all day long. We have better toys and nicer beds.

    We had a good time visiting and hope you'll come over and see our post we did on our mom's blog. We think we might have talked her into letting us post every Friday. We're guilting her cause she hasn't let us have our own blog.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  6. So cute..sway back wants to visit honeypot lane xoxo

  7. Sweet Pea , you make a nice puppy but you make a perfect sweet teddy bear !

    PS Every time I read your Funny Friday Post I smile & laugh and just feel happier ! I love it beary much !Thanks for the sweet welcome !

  8. Yikes, Sweet Pea, you're so wanting to be a doggy, you are actually starting to look like one! hehe We like being bears but we think doggies are kinda cool too:-) Wow, the puppies get peanut butter doggie biscuits???? No wonder you don't wanna eat the Honey Puffs! Blossom and Sissy just don't know what they're missing, do they!! Well, we gots to go now so see ya soon:-) Lots of bear hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxox