Friday, November 23, 2012


Mama and Dad went out for Thanksgiving dinner. Mama promised pumpkin pie and whipped cream if we were good about having to stay home.
  Blossom and I   decided to get the Christmas decorations started. Maybe we'll get two pieces of pie!

What a mess Blossom, I hope mama isn't upset with us.
Hurry their going to come home any minute now. She won't be upset she will be happy that we got some of the Christmas decorations done.  Mama won't be so tired if we help her.
Look where Jason is!
 Hurry Jason, you don't have to sit up there every day.  Let's play ball!
It's so much fun to have a brother to share my toys with.

Remember when we put the pumpkins out for Filbert our little squirrel?
Take a look!

Mama thinks that pumpkin fermented and said Filbert looks a little cross eyed.

Filbert feasted on the pumpkin all day and mama said Filbert isn't so little anymore.
We are so happy that Filbert had a nice
Thanksgiving dinner.

We hope all of you had a nice
Thanksgiving too.

Mama said we can post more pictures of our Christmas decorating next week.  By next Friday she will be real grouchy because that's how she is until the decorating is all done.

Friday, November 9, 2012


We're sorry mama, we just couldn't wait for you to 
open the box.

Sweet Pea said:  Who is he mama?  He's so cute!!

Mama said:  His name is Jason Sweet Pea he is
going to be your little brother!

Sweet Pea said:  Mama do you meant it??  Is he
my brother?  I love him already.  He is going to
be wherever I am.  I will teach him to play ball!! He can have my bed, I will share my honey toast.

Jason said:  Hi bears!  I'm glad to be out of this box.
I brought a Christmas tree and a sleigh for all of you. Does it snow here?

Sissy said:  He needs some hugs and cuddles from me because I am his big sister.  I love him too.

Blossom said:  Well I have to admit, he is a cute little guy!  I think I am going to love him too.

Sweet Pea said:   We know Blossom!  You tell us this at least ten times every day!!

"You really don't have to be young to find a friend in a teddy bear." 
-Rachel Newman 

Friday, November 2, 2012


We're opening the door...

We're moving our pumpkins outside...

Uh oh, Mama's calling us.  Do you think she was going to make pies out of our pumpkins?

Mama said...
Sweet Pea, girls!  what are you doing with your
pumpkins out here?

We are giving our Pumpkins to Filbert. (our little orphan squirrel)
We feel a little sad for him because he's too wild to live inside.  Squirrels love pumpkin you know.

Mama said...
My three very good little bears.
I will make you cupcakes for your kindness in
giving up your pumpkin pies!
“For it is in giving that we receive.”