Friday, November 23, 2012


Mama and Dad went out for Thanksgiving dinner. Mama promised pumpkin pie and whipped cream if we were good about having to stay home.
  Blossom and I   decided to get the Christmas decorations started. Maybe we'll get two pieces of pie!

What a mess Blossom, I hope mama isn't upset with us.
Hurry their going to come home any minute now. She won't be upset she will be happy that we got some of the Christmas decorations done.  Mama won't be so tired if we help her.
Look where Jason is!
 Hurry Jason, you don't have to sit up there every day.  Let's play ball!
It's so much fun to have a brother to share my toys with.

Remember when we put the pumpkins out for Filbert our little squirrel?
Take a look!

Mama thinks that pumpkin fermented and said Filbert looks a little cross eyed.

Filbert feasted on the pumpkin all day and mama said Filbert isn't so little anymore.
We are so happy that Filbert had a nice
Thanksgiving dinner.

We hope all of you had a nice
Thanksgiving too.

Mama said we can post more pictures of our Christmas decorating next week.  By next Friday she will be real grouchy because that's how she is until the decorating is all done.


  1. Boys Looks like you are having such fun playing. I can not believe your Mom would be grouchy for one second. Although I know Granny has no where near finished her decorating, and its pudding day tomorrow, so lots of stirring.

  2. Hi Gang,

    Boy can I relate to the grouchy mom thing. Yikes. But when it's all done and everything looks bee-u-tee-ful she sits back and smiles, and that makes us smile too.

    You are doing a wonderful job, the decorations are all so pretty.

    See ya next Friday.

    Prudence ♥

    Did you get 2 pieces of pumpkin pie?

  3. We bet your mama was really happy when she came home and found out you were helping to decorate the house because everything looks beautiful so far! We were trying to help Mama Pea with the decorations this morning but she ended up telling us to go play in our rooms...oh well!

    Hey, that's great that Filbert got to have a Thanksgiving treat as well!! We're glad we don't have to eat pumpkin, though, we'd much rather have honey and peanut butter. Speaking of which, our tummies are rumbling....

    Sending lots of hugs & kisses, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxo

  4. I think Filbert might have a belly ache :) That's some nice Christmas decorating...good job! Blessings

  5. Well we hope you got your pies! Maybe LT is onto something with this not decorating thing, that was she doesn't do the grumps (well, not any more than usual ;o) )


    The Clan and Jack

  6. Dear Grouchy Mama...

    Ha...don't blame me, the bears said so! What would we do without our bear tales and gnomes tales. Our dolls to hug and our dogs to love?

    Life is good, with you by my side.

    Have a sweet week Iris!

  7. So sweet of you to want to help mama! Can't wait to see all you have done next week! The pics of Filbert are fabulous!Hope he didn't get

  8. Every mom needs a few good helpers, especially this time of year!

    Ali x

  9. Hi Everybear,
    Well, would you look at what you did to help your mama?! It is BEE-U-TEE-FULL!! We've been trying to help our mom but every time we ask what we can do she says to go play with something. We guess she likes to do the decorating all by herself. She did let help a little and we're going to show some pictures soon.
    Did you get two pieces of pumpkin pie? Was there lots of whipping cream? How good was it?
    Happy Holidays.
    Bellamin, Clarissa & Wendy