Friday, November 2, 2012


We're opening the door...

We're moving our pumpkins outside...

Uh oh, Mama's calling us.  Do you think she was going to make pies out of our pumpkins?

Mama said...
Sweet Pea, girls!  what are you doing with your
pumpkins out here?

We are giving our Pumpkins to Filbert. (our little orphan squirrel)
We feel a little sad for him because he's too wild to live inside.  Squirrels love pumpkin you know.

Mama said...
My three very good little bears.
I will make you cupcakes for your kindness in
giving up your pumpkin pies!
“For it is in giving that we receive.” 



  1. Hi Everybeary,

    You 3 are the (THE) kindest, most loving teddy bears that we know & LOVE. This truly warms our hearts, Mom is in the kitchen in tears, that is how much you touch her heart.

    Filbert will truly enjoy his little feast.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence (Mom too) ♥

  2. Hey Everybeary,

    What??!?? No pies?? You'd think that with you three being so generous with your pumpkins you'd get pies too. Although... now that we think about it if we had a choice we'd rather have cupcakes. Happy Friday dear friends.

    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy

  3. You are 3 good bears, sharing your lovely pumpkins with Filbert. I would love to see him having a nibble. Cup cakes sound good, look good and I know taste good. Enjoy them.
    Hugs wilbur

  4. YEAAAAAAAAAAAA I LOVE your new BLOG style Prudence!!!!!!! This is sooo much better with the larger images. Now we can have a closer look.
    You are so kind to share the pumpkins. You deserve a "beary" good reward for beeing so nice to others.
    But your cupcakes are looking pretty yummie too!!!

    Have a funny weekend and give my love to momma too,
    Thea x

  5. Amen, yes, it really is in giving that we receive. I love to give! Missing you dear one, I went to you other two blogs but you have not been there for awhile so I'll come here!

    My kids grandma passed away last night and Shaun's first surgery is set for Nov. 15th. I'm getting ready for a craft show on Dec 1st, making my cards and matchboxes and some cute gnome stuff.

    Have a happy Sunday! love sent