Friday, July 27, 2012


Letters from camp

Dear mama,

I miss you.  I had pancakes with honey for bearkfast. Beary beary good!! Last night we sat around the camp fire and told scary stories.  It was beary creepy. Blossom cried cause she thought bear eating monsters were going to get her.
Blossom takes her fly swatter to bed with her every night.  Mama, she tied a big pink bow around the handle! So embearassing!! We got to feed the bunnies some carrots.  That was so much fun.

I am being a very good bear. Well most of the time I am.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Letters from camp

Dear mama,

We are having fun.  Blossom quit barfing soon as we got on the ground.  She was beary cited when we got here.  She ran ahead and started hugging all the bears.  It was beary funny. She kept yelling that she was a peach of a bear and was turning somersaults.  All the bears luv's her and  giggled. Sissy said she was a little barased.. Wilbur is my friend! We fished! I really, really like Bear Camp. Sissy was real nice to Blossom when she was sick on the ride in the sky.

  The cabin
 I'm a little dizzy
I'm tired, we take long
walks on this path. 
That's all.
Your Sweet Pea
the food is beary good!!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flying to Good Bear Camp

Can you believe your bear eyes?
It's July 14th.
We are leaving on a plane in just
a few minutes.
We are flying on the Teddy Bear Express.
Thank bearness no stopovers.
Here are a few pictures of us
repacking.  Mama said our first
try was too messy.

Blossom has her barf bag
and bug swatter
Sweet Pea is ever patient. and
is happy he will be meeting
some boy bears.
Sissy  said she will miss the
dogs but not that much!
Goodbye Mama we love you!
We promise to write.
We are on our way!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012


We are packed and ready to leave for 
 Bear Camp!
Blossom brought extra fur ribbons to share with
Clarissa.  Prudence said she is a prima-bear too.
Sweet Pea said finally he is going to get to play
with some boys for a change.
Sissy said she can hardly wait to see Prudence.

Blossom secretly packed  a fly swatter as she is sure she 
is going to have to fight off giant bugs!
Blossom:  Good!  Did they
say Good Bear Camp?
I haven't been the goodest
Sweet Pea: Calm down Blossom
You are a good bear, no bear is perfect!
Sissy:  I'm close to perfect! giggle 
To be continued tomorrow 

Some exciting news!!Wednesday night a
new Great Grandbaby arrived a week early.
He was due to arrive by c-section on the 18th.  Being
like his 3 brothers he has a mind of his own and had his
own time schedule for the c-section.

baby Charlie
weighing in at 8 lbs. 2 0z.
20.5 inches long

Friday, July 6, 2012


It's been a bear excited week of
preparing for camp.

Blossom had a nightmare
that she was sent home from
camp because she was bear
uppity with her peach fur.
Of course we had to comfort her.
I'm in charge of making
a list of what we need to pack.
Coolest of all is our new
sunglasses to wear when
we are out in the sunshine 
at camp.

We are so beargone excited we can't sleep.
It won't be long until we all meet
in person.  This is probably gonna
be the most exciting thing in our
bear life. Well, at least until we
are grown bears and get married.giggle

See you soon bear friends.