Friday, May 25, 2012


 Welcome to our newest follower

Hi bear friends
It's Sweet Pea here to tell you
my sisters Sissy and Blossom are
trying so hard to be beary good girls.

They know camp time is getting closer
and closer.

I am trying my bearest best to teach
them things, like how to be a beary good friend
to others at camp.

Sissy said:  I should share my honey and crackers.

Blossom said:  I would be nice and let everybear brush
my beautiful peach fur.

Sissy said:  I would be nice and hold a friends paw if
they were sad.

Blossom said:  I would be very nice and let a bearfriend
make my bed!

Oh for bear sake's
Blossom needs a little extra help.
Don't give up on her.
She's trying.
See you next Friday

Friday, May 18, 2012


Sweet Pea 
Hello Bear Friends!
I'm going to tell you about my silly sisters
and Mother's Day.

Blossom and Sissy decided they would make lunch for mama on
Mother's Day.  They were really sorry for having been so naughty.
Mama and I are hoping that Sissy and Blossom will earn back the privilege of going
to camp. 
Oh my Bear!!
Blossom we do not make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
in the crock pot!!

Are you sure sissy?? I thought we had to cook them.

Help me out Sissy

Just do as I say Blossom.  I think it
takes about a half cup of peanut butter
and a half cup of jelly.

Now look what I've done.  My fur will
be sticky!!  If I put anymore jelly on,
the bread will break!

About an hour later the sandwich
was done.
Mama said it was the best peanut butter
and jelly sandwich she ever had.  She couldn't talk
very well though, and had to keep drinking water.  

I picked some pretty wildflowers
and gave them to mama.
We ended our special day for mama with
a song!

All was well at Honeypot Lane

See you next Friday

Friday, May 11, 2012


It's me, Sweet Pea!
Hi bear friends.

Sissy and Blossom have been
busy all week doing chores
because they had been so naughty
for the last two weeks.

Here's a little bit about
their week.
I've never seen so much dust in my whole bear life!!

Don't even think about it Blossom!!
I need to rest for a minute.
Yikes!! Blossom this is where the cats
hang out!  I hope we don't have to
clean the cat box!

Uh, Hello cat.  what is that slop
you guys eat?  How about cleaning
your own room in exchange for some
Blossom get your bear behind down here
right now!!  These guys look hungry.
Here sissy, let me brush all the cat fur off
of you.  Look that cat is actually eating
that yucky stuff!  
It's okay Blossom, you can look now.
I folded all the towels.
Sissy, this Sunday is Mother's Day
We have to do something really beartastic
for mama.Maybe she will be so happy
she will end our punishment?

My silly sisters, I do love them so.
To be continued

Friday, May 4, 2012


Sweet Pea said with much enthusiasm:  Mama I think I made a miracle.  Sissy and Sweet pea are holding hands and talking. They're being sister friends mama.  I talked to them like a beary good big brother.  I explained to them that when they are so naughty it makes you very sad. I told them that peach or brown or even polka dotted they are both special in their own ways.

Mama gave me the biggest hug and told me I was her
very good bear and have the best and kindest heart.

I told her I would be her helper all day.  I went out to bring mama's
mail in.

Uh oh,
Mama, Blossom got a letter
from Bear Jail!!!

You got one too mama, Sweet Pea  said.
Mama opened her mail.  What did she see?
Blossom you have some explaining to do!!
You open your envelope right now.
Show me the letter!

Yes mama, sniff sniff.

Girls, both of you will have no
television for l week.  You will
be doing your chores and Sweet Pea's
for one week.
The two of you may be going to
Bear Boot Camp if you don't 
straighten up right now!!

Sweet Pea said...
I'm sorry mama I guess
I didn't make a miracle.
Will I have a brother soon?
Please mama!