Friday, May 4, 2012


Sweet Pea said with much enthusiasm:  Mama I think I made a miracle.  Sissy and Sweet pea are holding hands and talking. They're being sister friends mama.  I talked to them like a beary good big brother.  I explained to them that when they are so naughty it makes you very sad. I told them that peach or brown or even polka dotted they are both special in their own ways.

Mama gave me the biggest hug and told me I was her
very good bear and have the best and kindest heart.

I told her I would be her helper all day.  I went out to bring mama's
mail in.

Uh oh,
Mama, Blossom got a letter
from Bear Jail!!!

You got one too mama, Sweet Pea  said.
Mama opened her mail.  What did she see?
Blossom you have some explaining to do!!
You open your envelope right now.
Show me the letter!

Yes mama, sniff sniff.

Girls, both of you will have no
television for l week.  You will
be doing your chores and Sweet Pea's
for one week.
The two of you may be going to
Bear Boot Camp if you don't 
straighten up right now!!

Sweet Pea said...
I'm sorry mama I guess
I didn't make a miracle.
Will I have a brother soon?
Please mama!


  1. If you don't get a brother, I can be your friend. Us boys need to stick together.
    Sounds as though those two girls will not get bed time stories tonight.
    Thank goodness they have you in the family Sweet Pea.
    Hugs Wilbur

  2. Dear Sweet Pea,

    Girls aren't bad, we are usually (usually being the key word)beary nice it's just that your sisters are having trouble being good sisters to each other. Maybe they are a wee bit jealous of each other. Maybe you should talk to them apart from each other and try to understand why they are being so mean to each other. Writing a letter to the Bearpartment of Corrections? How do they think of these nasty things to do to each other?

    Let's you and me start counting sleeps till bear camp, Wilbur is doing it too. We can have a secret bear club, just the 3 of us. (o:

    Big hugs,
    Prudence ♥

  3. Oh man, better luck next time Sweet Pea!


    The Clan and Jack

  4. Hello,
    is always a pleasure to stroll through your blog and appreciate your creations!!
    have a weekend blessed with lots of smiles,

  5. Those letters are too funny. What a handful your crew are!

    Ali x

  6. First , I would like to say that Sweet Pea looks so handsome in his red gingham bow & the girls look so pretty in their tutus!The letters are so very funny. Sorry Sweet Pea
    maybe your miracle will happen next time .
    Love you all!

  7. hehe - we love reading this blog! And we love the pics, too - especially of the tutus and the checkered bow. Keep up the good work, you all!