Friday, May 25, 2012


 Welcome to our newest follower

Hi bear friends
It's Sweet Pea here to tell you
my sisters Sissy and Blossom are
trying so hard to be beary good girls.

They know camp time is getting closer
and closer.

I am trying my bearest best to teach
them things, like how to be a beary good friend
to others at camp.

Sissy said:  I should share my honey and crackers.

Blossom said:  I would be nice and let everybear brush
my beautiful peach fur.

Sissy said:  I would be nice and hold a friends paw if
they were sad.

Blossom said:  I would be very nice and let a bearfriend
make my bed!

Oh for bear sake's
Blossom needs a little extra help.
Don't give up on her.
She's trying.
See you next Friday


  1. Sweet Pea, you are the most patient young man bear that I know.

    Blossom is going to need to change her thinking about camp, we are not there to pamper her, we have our own chores, like making our bed and even doing our laundry so she better "get with the program" and start practicing.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend.

    Hugs ♥

    Hi Miss Iris, we love you. ♥

  2. Oh Sweet pea, tell that Blossom I'm going to take my sleeping bag so I don't have to make my own or any ones bed.I'm excited I wonder what time they will wake us all up in the morning.I hope not tooooo early.
    Hugs Wilbur

  3. Hello girls, I am excited too but trying not to get too anxious since we have so many days left. It is already so hot here, is it hot where you are...Thank God for AC...its tuff when you're covered with fur.

  4. Keep working on it Blossom, otherwise you might get a shock at camp!

    Good luck with the training Sweet Pea, we think you'll need it...


    The Clan and Jack

  5. Hello my friend,
    your creations are a true good for my eyes ..
    has one week of joy.

  6. I love Friday's on here. They really are funny. That Blossom is such a character!

    Ali x

  7. You are all so sweet! Blossom, we are not gona give up on you, we know you are trying ,lol Love Ya.