Friday, May 18, 2012


Sweet Pea 
Hello Bear Friends!
I'm going to tell you about my silly sisters
and Mother's Day.

Blossom and Sissy decided they would make lunch for mama on
Mother's Day.  They were really sorry for having been so naughty.
Mama and I are hoping that Sissy and Blossom will earn back the privilege of going
to camp. 
Oh my Bear!!
Blossom we do not make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
in the crock pot!!

Are you sure sissy?? I thought we had to cook them.

Help me out Sissy

Just do as I say Blossom.  I think it
takes about a half cup of peanut butter
and a half cup of jelly.

Now look what I've done.  My fur will
be sticky!!  If I put anymore jelly on,
the bread will break!

About an hour later the sandwich
was done.
Mama said it was the best peanut butter
and jelly sandwich she ever had.  She couldn't talk
very well though, and had to keep drinking water.  

I picked some pretty wildflowers
and gave them to mama.
We ended our special day for mama with
a song!

All was well at Honeypot Lane

See you next Friday


  1. I would love to hear you three bears sing. May be at camp we could have a concert one night, and you could sing. Your Mom is lucky she had lots of peanut butter and jelly on her bread. Granny gets a bit stingy sometimes.

  2. Oh, you little bears are so precious. We are so proud of Blossom and Sissy Bear.

    Start counting sleeps, we know you will be going to camp with Mr. Sweet Pea.

    Heaps of Hugs ♥
    All of Us

  3. I think that's the funniest pb & j story I've ever seen.

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

    Ali x

  4. Your mama must have been very happy to get such a special sandwich and the flowers and song were a very nice touch. Our mom says the best gifts are the ones we make and ones given with love. We think the ones you gave to your mama were both. We'll be seeing all of you at camp after 56 more sleeps.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  5. Oh we are glad you're behaving now girls, although we think you should have used chocolate spread with the peanut butter, that would have won mama over for sure!


    The Clan and Jack

  6. What a wonderful Mother's Day Surprise!It's always nice to end your day with a song !
    Love ya all!

  7. Well,if this isn't a wonderful surprise! A teddy Bear did I not know? Glad your dear mama gave me the heads up!!!!!
    I am going straight now to follow you...Bear Blessings to you all!