Friday, April 27, 2012


Blossom said...
Can I help it if I am so beautiful?
I'm a peach bear you know!
Yes, I am very special 

Sissy Bear said...
Gag me with a spoon!! Blossom won't even sit
in a chair to have her picture taken if the chair
doesn't match her ribbons!!
Dumb!!!  RIGHT??

Sweet Pea said...
I'll be the peace maker.
Sissy what annoys you the most about Blossom?
Blossom what annoys you the most about Sissy?
Now you two should have  a  talk about it
because you are both beary naughty bears and
I am going to go tell mama right now if you don't stop

 Sissy and Blossom shrieked and yelled...

No you wont Sweet Pea we don't need you
being a tattle tale bear!  We've had enough
times out!!!

Sissy said:  Guess we showed him who's the bear boss!
Blossom said:  My bear!!  we are agreeing on something.
Sissy said:  Don't get your hopes up you still rub my fur
the wrong way!!
Uh oh, we need to let Sweet Pea up before
all his stuffing comes out!
The only good thing about this week is my
swim trunks mama bought me for camp.
I think my ears are falling off. My knee hurts!
I have a beary big headache!! My stuffing
is all scrunched up in knots.
Girls!!   Naughty bad girls!!!

To be continued

Friday, April 20, 2012

Funny Friday

Mama said:  Blossom what are you doing with my box?
Sissy said:  uh, well, I'm mailing something.
Mama said:  take the lid off, what's in there?
Blossom said:  Thank Bearness!  I am rescued!  Read the letter mama!  Look my bear-oo-tiful peach fur is all stringy!
Mama said:  Sissy what were you thinking! 
You two need to start behaving like sisters. Neither one of you will go to camp if this 
doesn't stop!

Blossom said:  Hahaha Sissy now you will be
in very big trouble.

Sissy said:  Get off of me Blossom!  For bear's sake!  It could have been a nice adventure for you. gi  I can't breathe!!!
get off of me right now!!

Mama said:  Girls go to your room immediately.
It's going to be a long time out!!

Sissy said:  I was just trying to make a donation to the zoo mama.
Uh oh, there is gonna be some big time punishments.

Blossom said:  Sissy you have no bear sense at all.

Sweet Pea said

Mama how much longer before I have
a brother?  

See you next Friday

Friday, April 13, 2012


We would like to welcome our
newest follower
We hope you will enjoy visiting 
with us often.


My Goodness!  All three bears are sitting
peacefully and getting along!

What could be keeping them so calm?
We might learn to catch bugs when
we go to camp!!


SISSY:  Mama tell Blossom all the hair ribbons are not hers!!
Some of them are mine.  RIGHT??

They are mine, mine,mine!!

Sissy:  Mama I'm trying to have nice thoughts , but I'm
thinkin Blossom needs another ride in the dryer or
maybe she could live in a tent outside!!

Girls! Always annoying!  I like to be outside.  who wants to
fight over ribbons.  Mama said soon I
might get to have a brother.  We will be 
good buddies!

I'm picking roses for mama.
She will be proud of me for not
fighting with Sissy and Blossom. 

Don't forget to mark off the days till Camp time!
We are writing our lists of what to take.
Blossom has to do hers over because it's three
pages long!

See you next Friday

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Very Late Funny Friday

Our Easter at Honeypot Lane

It's been Easter eggs, jelly beans
tea parties, and cupcakes too.