Friday, March 23, 2012


Sissy what are you looking at?

Mama do you think Blossom would fit in that
bird bath?

Why are you asking such a question Sissy?

Blossom said if I don't let her wear my skirt she won't forgive me
for putting her in the dryer last Friday. Maybe Blossom should just
go live with the birds!

Would it hurt to let Blossom wear the skirt for a day or two?

No mama.

Look mama  Sweet Peas is reading us the letter from
Camp Good Bear.  It's gonna be so much fun.
Is camp going to be soon?

It will be time to go before you know it!

Do you think it's going to be cold at camp?  Let's pack lots of blankets
This is so  much fun.  what shall we wear at camp? I need a bearing suit.

What are you bears doing? Asked mama.

We're packing mama.  It's almost time to go
to camp.

Oh dear   It's quite a few
sleeptimes before you wake up to find camp time is here.  I don't think you will need
that many blankets.  Put them away for now and we will have to sit down together
and make a list when it gets a little closer to the time.
Okay mama, everything is put back!

Can we have a snack now?  That
was hard work.

Peanut Butter Honey Cookies!! our favorite.

Mama said Sissy you were very good 
to let Blossom wear your skirt.  Doesn't it make
you feel good to be kind to Blossom?

Uh, Mama I was still sort of thinking

We ended our afternoon with the three
of us playing a new game that mama bought 
for us.



  1. Hi Sweet Pea, Blossom & Sissy,

    Wilbur asked his Granny for a calendar so he can start checking off the sleeps till camp. Mom found a calendar for me too. Ask your Mom if she has an extra one for you. Then we can all check off the days together.

    I LOVE the bird bath idea, Sissy. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. Hi Sweet Pea, Blossom and Sissy, I'm not allowed to start packing yet. Granny wont let me, BUT I am starting ticking off the sleeps starting on the 23rd. March. So we can all do it together. I Told Prudence that is when I am starting.. That is if Granny can find a calendar by morning.

  3. That game looks like good fun! I don't suppose there's any of those cookies left?

    Happy Friday!

    Ali x

  4. I think all of you are the sweetest bears.Heres a big hug for you,have a nice weekend.I see you got a game to keep you busy.

  5. Hi Blossom, Sweet Pea & Sissy,
    We didn't get to post this past Friday cause we went on a vacation and Mom forgot the computer & camera bag. We got back yesterday and by the time we got unpacked it was supper time. We saw where Wilbur's granny gave him a calendar to check off the sleeps and we asked our mom for one and we're going to do it too. Mom says it's too early to pack for camp so we're going to make our lists for what we want to take so when it's time to pack we're going to be ready. See you next Friday.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  6. Sissy , you were looking at that bird Bath & thinking mighty hard !I know you are gona have a blast at camp , but you just have to be patient . Please save me for a cookie , you all look so sweet , enjoy your new game ! :)
    Love Ya!

  7. Ya know, she could kind of suit that frilly edged kind of bird bath... ;o)


    The Clan and Jack

  8. I was just visiting another blog from Hilltop in Europe where a divine Miss Moussie was giving me the garden news report with the coming of spring...

    Then, I'm blessed to come here and have storytime with the bears, a game or two and the thought of a bears trip to a bird bath...

    This is the best kind of morning a girl with a curl could have.

    A very good storytime indeed...
    Loving you, will send email this morning with updates and hugs!