Friday, March 30, 2012


Sweet Pea:   Sissy, how many more days do we have
to tock off till we go to camp?

Sissy:  I don't know Sweet Pea.   I think there might
be lots more.

Blossom:  Do you think my peachy pink fur will sunburn at camp?

Sissy:  hahaha, you would worry about those things.  you
are such a prissy bear.  I would giggle think that you
might turn bright orange and then your fur would peel off.

Blossom:  You two better stop whispering.
You aren't being nice to me.
sniffle weep sniff sniff

  Sweet Pea:   We do love you Blossom but
you can be so annoying with all your
fancy ways.  You are a bear you know!
       All three:  Hahahah giggle hehehe ! Camp is gonna be
     the best fun we ever had!!

Blossom:  I won't tell our secrets.  I promise!!  That's
because I am a bear!!  

                   Mama:  I hear whispers and giggles.  what's going on
                in those little bear heads of yours?

Nothing mama, we were just talking about
hehehe giggle 
We are good little bears

Bye till next Friday


  1. I'm intrigued. When and where is Bear Camp?

    Happy Friday!

    Ali x

  2. I am glad you are ticking off the calendar as well. I think there are so many ticks. All my fingers and all my toes and more.

  3. Dear Blossom,

    Please don't worry about sunburn, the Bearselors make sure everybear is covered from ear to toe with sunscreen.

    Did you start making your list yet? I know it's too early but at least it's something to do and take our minds off the LONG wait.


  4. That sounds so fun Bear Camp.Im pretty sure everyone will be amazed at how all of you will be good little bears.HUGS!

  5. Hi Blossom, Sissy & Sweet Pea,
    We'be been counting off the days on our calendar too. There are lots and lots of days until we leave. Our mom says we have a lot of things to do until then so we're not even going to notice how long it is. She says we shouldn't worry about getting sun burned but now you've got us worrying. We hope Prudence is right about the Bearselors making sure we don't burn. See you at camp.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  6. Oh my, we can't wait til Blossom meets mud at camp... *giggle*


    The Clan and Jack

  7. Hello my friends,
    Happy happy easter and many blessings to you!!

  8. Don't worry Blossom, mama will pack your sun screen.I hope you all & mama have a very Happy Easter !