Friday, March 16, 2012


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Whatever am I going to do with mama.  She promised after the last
time she crunched my body into a dress, that she would never do it
again.  Well she broke her promise!!  I'm supposed to like this
skirt because it has a pocket for my treasures.

I do like treasures so let's see what she will put in
my pocket

The hankie was my mama's when she was just a little girl.
It is very very very old!!

Mama said, Sissy you don't have to remind me of how old I am.
Show everyone all your little treasures dear.

I have a penny, a little bunny, and it's little pillow and a
pretty button!

I love my pocket!!!

Mama said:  Where is Blossom?  
Sweet Pea said:  Blossom's in the kitchen fixing us a surprise.

Well let's go and see what Blossom has done this time!

Sweet Pea said:  Blossom I can't believe you got your paws 
dirty.  You must be changing.
Sissy Bear said:  Hush up Sweet Pea let's just dig in!  We
don't know if Blossom will ever feel this domestic again!

Mama said:  Mind your manners.  Blossom deserves a
thank you!

Sissy Bear said:  Blossom your pink fur you love so much is wet!
Here let me help you blow dry it.

Screeching and screaming could be heard all over the

You are gonna be so sorry Sissy!  You let me out
Right now!!
You better quit laughing.

Sissy Bear said:  I only set it for 42 minutes. Hehehe!

Uh oh, mama I was just helping Blossom
dry her fur!

Mama said:  Sissy you are on a time out!
Shame on you.

Yes mama, I'm sorry!  Do you think Blossoms head will fall off?
She'd look pretty funny. Giggle  Okay mama, I'll be quiet now.




  1. Giggle....oops, sorry but I can't help laughing at Blossom - Oh Sissy, what were you thinking? Boy, I'll say you are in "time out" probably for 6 months. But it is funny, beary funny.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day.


  2. Happy St. Patrick's day. Blossom made you such a lovely treat and to thank her you put her in the dryer? Heeheehee!! If we tried something like that our mom would make us sit on the naughty chair for such a long time our backside would be welded to it.
    Why do your shamrock cookies look so pretty and shamrocky? Ours got real funny looking after they got baked. See you next week.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  3. My goodness, what a scrumptious looking picnic everyone is having! I don't know why Sissy doesn't like wearing dresses. They suit her so well.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day and happy weekend!

    Ali x

  4. Ha, we think Blossom needs a bit of rough and tumble ;o) Enjoy the green goodies!

  5. Hahahaha look at the expression on Blossom's face when you put her in the dryer! hehe Wouldn't it have been neat if her fur had come out all big and fluffy?! lol

    We love your new dress, Sissy, and that pocket is just the right size for your treasures. I, Misty, once had a worm and a frog in my pocket...Mama Pea wasn't very impressed! HA! Wow, that hanky really IS old, huh? Was your mama born in the dinosaur ages like our Mama Pea was???

    That St. Patrick's Day snack Blossom had prepared sure looked delicious, yum yum!! Hmmm wonder if we can get Mama Pea to make us another Shamrock shake. Gotta go ask her!

    Lotsa hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxoxo

  6. Dear Friends,
    Sissy you're very charming in this dress...
    Blosson poor he does not deserve to be treated like this have to apologize for you guys have to be friends.Happy St. Patrick's Day.


  7. Sissy, you look so pretty in your dress,I love all your pocket treasures!Blossom, what a wonderful St. Paddy's surprise!Oh No,Blossom ,I'm glad mama caught you before you hit that start button!Looks like you all had a Happy(&Eventful)St. Patrick's Day !
    Love Ya,