Friday, September 14, 2012


A conversation 
between Sissy and Blossom

Blossom:  Sissy I want to be a bear for Halloween.

Sissy:        Uhhh, Blossom you ARE a bear!

Blossom:  No! I am NOT a bear.  I am a Princess pretending to be a bear    

Sissy:       Blossom you are a dunderhead

Blossom:  Is that a bear?

Sissy:        I don't know.  It's a funny word that Prudence's Mom told our Mama about.

Blossom:  And how do you know this?

Sissy:         I was snooping in mama's emails.  You're not a 
                   Princess.  You have no bones.  You are stuffed.

Blossom:    Stuffed?  With what??

Sissy:          It depends on who created or born'd us!  I'm softer
                    than you.  Our brains are probably fiberfill or pellets, or maybe even beans. 
Hahaha!  You're full of beans!!

Blossom:    Are you sure you know what your're talking about.

Sissy:           No I'm not.  Let's talk about something else.  

Blossom:      Do we have hearts?

Sissy:       Yes we have hearts.  Our Mama's share their hearts
                    with us.  We are the luckiest kind of bears because
                    our kind are so loved.  NOW LET'S TALK ABOUT
                    SOMETHING ELSE!

Blossom:        Okay Sissy.  I do love you for teaching me so many things. For Christmas I'm asking Santa for bones.
 Dunderhead:  dazed, confused, a dunce
those sisters of mine are both dunderheads!

Don't they know humans made us with lots

of love.  Shared their best human qualities
with us. We are as real as our humans believe  we are.


I'm tired .

I need some peanut butter and honey!!


  1. Yes, little ones, you are very much loved, people all over the world read your Funny Friday post and love your stories and adventures. But name calling is a no-no.

    You have BIG hearts - teddy bear style.

    We all love you.

    Prudence's Mom

  2. Ahh, Sweet Pea, always the wise one. That's 'cos boys are smarter than girls (but we don't tell LT that)


    The Clan and Jack

  3. Hi Blossom,

    Why is it everyone has such a hard time seeing we are princesses and not bears? Just look at us, it's obvious we are special. I really miss being with you every day. Hi Sweet Pea, I miss you too.

    Hugs from your BFF,

    Hi Everybear,

    We asked our mom what we're made of and she said we're made from all things good and stuffed with love. We like the way that sounds.
    Happy Friday. Clarissa says Sea Pea looks so handsome and smart reading the dictionary.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  4. Such a cute post today...this blog is such a happy place...I love you bears,the music,and best of all...I think you have the sweetest mama ever...blessings

  5. Yes, you are Human Bears!Your mama's love has made you real! You both look so pretty dressed for Fall!