Friday, September 27, 2013


I am supposed to be helping my mama to pull weeds.  I am instead dreaming of Jasmine  flowers.  Wilbur it was so kind of you to think of wanting to send me jasmine flowers.  Could it possibly be that you were dreaming just a tiny bit about me?  I miss you Wilbur and am looking so forward to next Summer's camp.

Little bugs are flying all over me.  If you were here Wilbur I know you would swat them away from me.

Hugs from me,
Your Blossom


  1. Hi Blossom, I think you are a smidge confused. The post about Jasmine and Wilbur - it was for ME. Yup, ME ME ME. Did you read his post to me today?

    It's okay, I know you like Wilbur and I will share him with you. That's what friends are "fur". Giggle.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  2. No no,Prudence, Wilbur sent ME an email wishing he could send me a jasmine flower.

    If we must, we will share!

    I have to run now and brush my peach fur.

    Your friend Blossom

  3. Oooh, fur balls at dawn!

    The Clan & Jack

  4. Now girls, I am friends with you both.. Bears can be friends with more than one person at once!!!! If I could I would send you both Jasmine. Blossom if I lived near you, I would make a netting tent for you, so you could sit outside and fluff up your peach fur, with out any bugs getting near you.
    I must say, If you were brave you could get to like looking at different bugs, they come in all colours, and some have pretty wings. Of course you would never see that is you were in a netting tent.
    Just one question Blossom, does your mother have such a thing as SOAP..... just encase you don't know, it is for washing your fur when it DOES get dirty. That is how you have fun, getting dirty.

  5. How pretty you are among those flowers...any fallen leaves there yet? When you have must rake them high and jump in them,and be sure to have mama take pictures so we can see...bear blessings little one....give mama a friendly hug for me.