Friday, March 22, 2013


It's Springtime here at our house.
That means mama is bringing out all
the Sunshine and yellows that she can 
find to set out!

Blossom and I have been helping mama to
make our house pretty for Spring.

Prudence's mom sent us these eggs last
Easter time.  We wanted mama to paint 
them but mama said no, she liked them
brown.  It reminds her of the time she used
 to spend gathering all the brown eggs when she
spent time at her Aunt's little chicken farm.

We put them in a basket with
two little chickies and a pretty bow
to surprise her.
This is where we set them

A nice friend sent mama a pretty
card with a paper dolly.
That's because mama said even 
though she's an antique she is
still a little girl at heart.

Oh no!!  Why me again??
Who is this little boy?
What is he thinking?
I think he's one of the little

I knew it!!
Another drooly hug!
I hope his paws, oops I mean
hands are clean.

My stuffing is all in my head once again!!
My head aches, I need sunglasses to
look at all this yellow stuff that mama
put out!
Someone bring me a nice cool
glass of apple juice!


  1. Hi Girls,

    Your spring decorations are so bee-u-tee-ful, I love the basket that you put together.

    Sissy, get over it, that little boy is just hugging you, you are such a drama queen. Yes, I know, I have said that before, but YOU ARE.

    What sunglasses? Because of all the pretty yellow, it's springtime.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  2. Sissy, what is happening that all your stuffing goes to your head... I think when your friend comes to hug you, you need to hold your breath to stop it going up into that noggin of yours.
    I love your Easter Basket and Granny says she wishes it was in her house.
    Hugs Wilbur

  3. Love these sweet post,and your cute Spring decorations....little boy drooly hugs are the best bear kind of hugs :) Blessings

  4. Hi Everybear,
    We love the pretty decorations and yellow seems to make everything look so much brighter and happier! Oh what a cute little boy! What we wouldn't do to have a cutie like that give us hugs. Sissy, we think you really need to get your stuffing packed so it doesn't all shift to your head.
    HUgs to all,
    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy

  5. Oh man, are you guys lucky you have spring! We think you need to send us some of that yellow stuff so we can try and persuade the horizontal snow to stop falling over here...


    The Clan & Jack

  6. Oh my, what a drama queen! LOL! Your decorating looks lovely Sissy. Yellow is such a cheery colour.