Friday, October 5, 2012


Hi Friends.

I've been mama's helper this week.  We've been doing a little more decorating for Fall.  Next to Christmas it's our favorite season of the year.

The pretty table piece is an early birthday present from Joyce at the bears blog.  Mama said she is very creative and makes such beautiful things.  I would have to agree.  After all, she created ME!!   I am my Mama's favorite.  Don't tell anyone though.  It might hurt Sweet Pea's and Blossoms feelings.

Mama won this box from Joyce
at the bears blog about a year ago.
Isn't it fitting for what's about to come?
Of course

We hope you are enjoying Autumn as much as we are.
Of course Autumn at our house is baking and decorating.  Outside it is still triple digits and high nineties.

See you next Friday


  1. Hi Sissy,

    Everything looks so pretty and festive. About favorites - as I just told LuLu & Flora we are all unique and special, each having our very own special gifts.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  2. Such pretty fall decorations...I did not know you were created by Miss wonder you look so much like your friend Purdence :)...blessings

  3. Hi Sissy, Blossom & Sweet Pea,
    We think your decorations are BEE-U-TEE-FULL!!! We keep asking our mom very sweetly to help us start decorating our house and our little tree. She's so slow and kept telling us she just didn't feel like it yet cause it was so warm and felt more like summer until just a few days ago. Wait until we tell her how hot it is where you live. That should make her feel guilty for making us wait and wait and wait.
    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy

  4. Prudence's mom sure is talented:-) I just love your Autumn decor and oh yes, I'm enjoying this time of year to the fullest! I've just come back from another long walk in the trails near's 50F, sunny and the colours of the leaves are so bright and beautiful.

    Our Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming Monday so I need to get ready for that:-) xoxo

  5. It looks like Joyce has been virtually helping you decorate too, and you've all done a grand job :o)

  6. Hi Sissy, Blossom and Sweet Pea, You must all want to unzip your fur because it is so hot. I love your decorations. I hope there is lots of treats for you.

  7. Hi Sissy,
    You & mama have really been working hard! Everything is looking so beautiful!I love Fall,too!
    Luv Ya!