Friday, January 20, 2012


We would like to say thank you for visiting us and 
want to give a
big WELCOME to our followers.
We always love visiting Prudence and her mom.
We always leave smiling.

I'm really looking forward to seeing more
of this blog.  What beautiful creations
she makes.

It's going to be a lot of fun getting to
know Wilbur better.  He is adorable
and wears the cutest shoes!

I am really enjoying this blog.  We have something in common.
We love our fur babies!

I love seeing all the wonderful
Teddy Bears and other wonderful critters
Leny makes.

This is a beautiful blog with so many
interesting things.  I'm looking forward
to visiting this blog often.

Sissy speaks....

One of the best things at my new home,
is my brother Mr. Sweet Pea.
We wanted to play a funny little trick
on our sister Blossom who thinks
she's special because she's pink!

This is some really dark brown stuff
mama puts on the furniture.
Can you guess my trick? Hehehe
We just had to find Blossom!

There she is.  Sleeping like a baby!
Uh oh, Mama is being noisy!
Actually she's yelling you might even say
"Sweet Pea what are you doing
with that brown stuff?  Where did
you get it?  Is that my furniture Polish?
What are you and Sissy up to?
Put the lid back on, you're going to spill it!!

What's going on?
What were the two of you going to do?
Mama said don't worry Blossom, go
back to sleep.

Okay!  Blossom stays pink!
Yes mama, I am very sorry!
Look I brought you your dietrite!

After the fur dying attempt
Sweet Pea and me had
to spend five minutes each in
the naughty chair!

At least I was remorseful!
Sweet Pea just keeps grinning.
Blossom had to write five times
I am special because I am a bear
not because I am pink.
Hmmph!  I am pink
and I am special!

To get back on our Mama's good side
We brought mama flowers!

Honest!  we're such good little bears.
Please come back and visit us
next Friday.


  1. Oh Boy, Sissy you & Sweet Pea really "ascared" your Mom. Now be sweet to Blossom, she has some beartitude but that's not for you to try and correct. She is the way she is and you two have to just love her to pieces. You BOTH can win over her affection. I know you can.

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. SISSY!!!! What were you thinking? Did I make you to be a naughty little teddy girl? No, I did not.

    Please go and make friends with Blossom. You and Sweet Pea can help her with her "tude", I know you can. She is a sweet little thing, just like you two. Just think of all the exciting adventures the three of you can have...that is much more fun than picking on your sister. Well? Isn't it? Be sweet. And stay off that naughty chair!

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. Hi Sissy & Sweet Pea & Blossom,
    We were so excited to see that there's another bear blog. This can only help in out efforts to get our mom to let us have one too. We've been working on her for months now and think she might be weakening.

    We have a sister who thinks she's a Princess and she isn't even pink. She can be rude but we love her anyway.

    We will be back to visit you often.

    Bellamine, Wendy & the NP bears

  4. Looks to me like you've got a "beary" mischievous bunch there! So pleased have found another wonderful bear-themed blog. Thanks to Prudence at The Bear's Blog for pointing me in your direction. Happy weekend!

    Ali x

  5. Oh you naughtly little ones.......but I'm so pleased to see that you all made up. And I love the bunch of flowers for you momma!!! I'm sure she loves them. Happy weekend and hugs from Holland, Thea xxxx

  6. Sissy I didn't think you would be so mischievous. I know the feeling when there is nothing to do, you just make up jokes on bear. NOT GOOD!!!! I have tried it. Sometimes I have had to go to bed with out supper. Sweet Pea you seem to encourage Sissy: I know, I know it is more fun when two of you do wicked things together. You can giggle about it more. HUM HUM. I will be visiting next week.

  7. Ahh, Blossom - all bears are special, regardless of what colour they are... but pink is my favourite (shhh, don't tell the others!!).

    Hugs, Nicki and Little Ted, xx

  8. Ooooh, Sissy, we wondered where you'd gone! We're so excited to find you again! We think you might have been learning a lot from Prudence though...


    The Clan and Jack

  9. Hello,
    is fun to meet new friends...and you seem a pretty large family like ours a pleasure to meet them and hopefully come back for more adventures to follow these ...big hugs and blessings..

  10. Prudence sent me here and I'm so glad she did:-) Such a delight to meet Mr. Sweet Pea, Blossom and Sissy. Oh dear, I can tell that there must be a lot of excitement around your household with 3 mischievous bears around! hehe I dread to think of what Blossom would have looked like if Sissy and Mr. Sweet Pea had managed to use that furniture polish on her!!! I look forward to all their future antics:-) xox